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About Domain Age Checker

A lot of factors are related to a website’s ranking and most importantly for the SEO. For on-page SEO the most popular and important factors are backlinks and keyword density. But there is another significant factor that is very important for a website’s ranking as well as SEO. And that factor is Domain Age.

What is Domain Age?

Domain age can be simply referred to as the duration of time of a domain from its creation. That means it is the age of a domain.

For example, if a domain name was registered in 2015, then the domain age will be 05 years by 2020.

Domain age checker details

Domain Age Checker is an online tool that can find out the accurate age of a domain or website, from the time when it was registered and until it is active. Domain age is one of the most significant factors in website ranking by search engines. Besides, it is also significant for tracking the age of your website. You can also find out the age of your competitor’s domain using domain age checker, as well as of the domains you want to buy.

Domain age checker makes it so much easier to find out the exact time duration for the age of a particular domain. The results provided to you by domain age checker are reliable and accurate.

You can easily find a free Domain Age Checker on the internet. Most of them don't need any registration, sign up or installation. You can freely use this tool to find out the exact age of a website.

Is Domain Age Importance?

Domain age is really important for SEO or Google ranking. Among several heavy weighted factors, Google gives more importance to the age of a domain while ranking a website. So we can say that how long a domain has been around being really important.

It is important to note that domain age is not only how long you have owned a given website name, but also how long it’s been since it’s been indexed by Google. For example, if a domain was registered 15 years ago that doesn’t mean that Google takes it as 15 years old, so Google must have indexed it.

Why Domain Age is Important

To get a better reputation

An older domain name has a strong base of reputation in their business market. So domain age surely makes them rank higher. It’s soo true that earning a better reputation takes time and that’s why Google considers that an older domain name has a good reputation.

Easy to get Bigger Link Profile

If the aged domain has enough quality backlinks, then they will perform much better. The Search engines always look for the backlinks first and if the links of your sites are dominance and authority, they will surely rank better.
Getting better Search Engine Ranking

It is so tough for the website owners ranking higher on search engines. Most of the old Domain names have a good SEO ranking. But the new user always prefers to spend little money, time and effort trying to rank higher.


Your websites will get better SEO ranking if your websites have a fair amount of traffic. An older domain name will surely get more traffic. Getting a fair amount of traffic depends on the time and effort of getting a heavy and reliable customer base. If you are going to buy a site, you should be concerned about how to maintain the traffic to your site.
So we can say that Google has thrown some light on the importance of domain age.

How Works Domain Age Checker?

There is a easy and simple steps to find your domain age details online.

1. Go to:

2. Input your website url

3. Press "Get Domain Age"

Why Google looks at the Domain age

One significant reason behind why Google follows the domain age is if your websites have been on the internet for a long time, you are already publishing quality work with your experience and expertise. Google considers that your site has made it through because they think that you are not a spam site that actually runs up for a day and then vanishes the next day.
Popular Domain age checkers from trusted heavyweights

There are various domain age checker tools on the internet but the below are the best:
This is one of the most popular domain age checkers over the world. You can simply get your result by simply entering the domain name that you want to run and check the age, registration dame, expiry date or any other information. All the information you wanted to know will be displayed on your screen. So you can easily know the Domain age, the date it was created, the IP address, Registrar, Way back, Domain expiry date and Domain updated on.

SEMrush tools
This is another famous tool that will assist you to get the same information about the domain name. You have to follow the same procedure and all the instructions given on the site to find out the domain age.

MOZ Pro tools
This is an all-in-one tool of SEO. You can sign in to investigate your site or sites for all the information you want to know before having a purchase.

Ahref Tools
This tool is specifically set for SEO and marketing. The site offers several other facilities such as backlink checking and all the other data that we have mentioned above. The procedure is so easy and you can expect the best out of it.

The bottom Line

These popular tools don’t only inform you about the age of the domain name but also a couple of other information that may be helpful for you. They will also show you the history of the domain. When you click on the history, you will get an insight even if that particular site was used for a short period. And even if it was discarded for a certain period and the user got back to it. 

You can use any of the domain age checkers in the market to be sure of what domain name and its presence on the internet you are purchasing.

So, Domain Age is one of the biggest and most important factors in the search engine ranking of your websites. A Domain that is registered for more than a year can easily rank better as compared to the new ones. Google also consider this factor when assigning authority to a website. A website which is registered for more than 5 years ago is considered as a stable company on the internet.