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Are you sure that your emails are secured in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail services? Well, They are secure and your mail is safe from the hackers. But when it comes to the security of email service, then data security and data privacy should be focused. You will get several ads by most of these email services. A lot of people may find it ok but a person with privacy concerns won’t like it. You may want to share some confidential data and you will surely want it to be well-protected. 

No matter what, if you are well-concerned about the privacy and security of your email, you must have an email privacy checker. Now you don’t have to worry about your email privacy because the Email Privacy checker tool is there for you! 

Email Privacy

Secure electronic messaging is Email Privacy. Your emails may seem private, but it’s not all the time. Your emails may be interrupted or read by anyone in transit, or reconstructed by the backup devices. At your workplace, your emails can be legally monitored by your seniors. At your home, your emails can be hacked by anonymous hackers. Even your emails can be legally scrutinized by your internet service provider.

So, you must be sure that your emails can’t be a target by any of these scraping techniques and people.

Why emails are insecure

Email is insecure because it wasn’t developed to be a mandatory part of our digital lives. It was developed when the Internet was a very small place and a few ways were available then for people’s communication. But now people have made it a professional or mandatory tool for their daily data sharing process. At present, the main places where email can be insecure are as follows:

  1. The sender’s device
  2. The recipient’s devices
  3. The sender’s networking connection to the email provider such as- the ISP, Google, Outlook, Yahoo, Apple, etc.
  4. The servers or connections between the email provider and the recipients
  5. The recipient's networking connection to the email provider 

As the internet is very common and easily accessible to attack. Emails can be easily hacked as well. While you are sending an email over the internet, the letterhead of your email is visible, and the recipient is also visible. The IP address, source of email or information about the email can be easily hacked anytime.

Another annoying fact is spam emails. One-click for them can cause a disaster in your device security as well as email. Password protection will not help you in that case. The connections between sender and recipients should be secure to protect your mails from hackers.

How it Works?

Just a simple step to chek your email privacy online using our tools. Let's see how?

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Email Privacy Tool

An email privacy tool will assist you to go through an address security search for any link of a website in seconds. You should have a secure email service to keep your emails personal and safe. This tool is a safeguard of emails from any kind of interference and a good provider of security. It also detects all the emails that come and go for bugs and contains viruses. This tool can check if any harmful entry has taken place, and then analyzes the mail.

Key benefits of email privacy:

The business owners and webmasters are getting more and more conscious about their email privacy. Not only them but also people of every sector want a secure email delivery process. They always want to enhance their email privacy and overall information security solutions. Free email privacy gives you an infrastructure of secure email. By using this tool we can have: 

Securely archived data – This tool goes through the data centers that are distributed across multiple locations in the world to provide complete security of stored messages. Messages are encrypted and stored as read-only files when archived. All the users, as well as administrators, always want to use secure protocols (HTTPS, IMAPS, or TLS) throughout their entire email service.

High-rated virus protection – This tool has a significant antivirus-protection. It can perform virtualization-based malware detection and zero-hour pattern-based protection against any kind of email-borne threats.  

Faster threat recognition – It can protect your emails from upcoming threats faster and provides you solutions to ensure complete email security.

Authentic Email filtering – This tool also provides a significant layer of security and protection for you by filtering all the emails for spam or potential malware. It also goes through detailed header analysis, message formatting and encoding, message fingerprinting, and SMTP conversation details for authentication. The source analysis of messages is also performed in real-time so that one can make or modify the whitelists and blacklists at any time. 

Effective email-reservation policies – It also allows you to accomplish message-reservation guidelines so that you can prevent emails from getting lost.  

Best 5 free Email Privacy

Here are the top 5 email privacy checker that will help you to protect your email security:

ProtonMail is a very popular email privacy service that provides an ad-free model to protect your privacy. It will let you know the expiration time for an email. It has all the security features for your email protection. 

Tutanota is a very popular email service provider that is encrypted and suitable for both personal and business use. It also provides 1 GB of storage for free users. And, one can also add more storage to his account as well.

Librem Mail
Librem Mail is also a popular email privacy service. But, it isn’t free like others. By getting the premium subscription you can get access to their private email service, Librem Mail.

Criptext is another top free email privacy service suitable for desktops and mobile phones. It uses open-source encryption (Signal Protocol).

Mailfence is a trustworthy privacy-focused email service. Anyone can use it for free with its limited storage (500 MB) and features. You can also get the ability to upgrade your subscription if you need to increase the storage space or get the ability to utilize a custom domain and so on.

The Internet has become a mandatory part of our daily life and is rapidly used as a way of communication between people. An email has also become a very essential part of communication. And email users are always very afraid of being hacked. They may use popular email providers’ services and hope to get complete email privacy. 

Now, Google, Outlook, and AOL have taken place as the most popular email service providers in the world, and they encrypt all the emails before delivering them to their destination. Though they take all the necessary privacy measures, interference may occur. That’s why you need extra protection for your email privacy!