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About Link Price Calculator

Are you a website owner or an online business owner? Are you getting more worried about the price estimation of your links? There’s nothing to worry about anymore! Get a quick price estimation for your link using the link price calculator!

The link price calculator is so beneficial for the website owners and advertisers. By using this tool they can know how much they will be charging or paying for a particular link each month.

Besides this, if they want to improve their website or promote it on another website, this tool will assist you to compute how much you have to pay for the text link ad. The link price calculator works with a unique algorithm that also determines a website’s reputation with its ranking.

More About Link Price Calculator

The link price calculator is one of the most popular and helpful tools for website owners as well as advertisers. By using this tool you can easily know the price for your desired like and save your valuable time and effort!

Some of the link price detector tools show you the price for every web page after displaying the domain age, ranking, content, popularity, as well as its reputation. The main feature of this tool is that it performs very efficiently, fast, instant and smoothly and you can also find out the price for more links of several domains at a time. 

Why should you use the link price calculator?

Many website owners and advertisers are facing difficulty in estimating the exact price for links or text link ads. To take them off from this issue this tool is developed with a unique algorithm that calculates the exact link prices.

As a webmaster, you should know that backlinks play a major role in search engine optimization and that’s why most of the website owners are ready to pay for quality backlinks. If you want to get an idea of how much a popular website will charge to create a link to their site, you can surely use this Link Price Calculator.

Once you have known the estimated price for the link, you can then proceed to contact website owners or webmasters to buy or sell links. But always keep in mind that, link prices are not constant, these can vary from time to time depending on the website’s traffic.

If you have achieved popularity and gained more visitors visiting your website, then the selling price for your links will increase too. On the other hand, if your website traffic goes down, then the prices for your links will also reduce.

Why should you purchase backlinks?

Most of the popular websites get their earnings by enabling other websites to create a link to their site at a particular price. A good number of website owners want to purchase backlinks so that they can improve their page ranking on several search engines like Google.

Because they know that using backlinks to a popular website is one of the most effective and comfortable ways to get your web page noticed by search engines quickly and achieve a better page ranking.

It is the only aim of every website owner to rank their web pages into the top position in search engines. To achieve this goal, the following aspects should be given more importance by the website owners:

  1. Authority of your website
  2. Amount of regular Traffic
  3. Website’s Relevance

Your website should be a reliable source of information if want to be a successful industry leader. The more reliable and useful links you have added on your website, the more traffic you will get. Ensuring your content’s relevance to the readers will help you increase your website traffic and it could also lead to achieving the authority in a particular industry.

When should you use the link price calculator? If you are getting queries and emails from other website masters that are requesting a link to your website, that means your website's popularity has grown up and now you are ready to sell links. In this case, you might have no idea about link pricing. In the case of selling services and websites, they usually want to post ads by a link which they want to add on your website.

Then, you should check your website's backlinks. You will get a list of all the internal as well as external links on your website by doing it so.

Today it is a matter of great competition for the travel, hotels, or product sellers and every business to give advertisements of their website on other websites. They have to give their maximum marketing effort to achieve great traffic to their websites by buying links to other sites.

You will get a huge number of requests and offers to add links to your website. That’s why you need to be careful and select the type of websites that you want to add links to your website. So knowing the link price is very important for you in this case. By the link price calculator, you can easily calculate the price of such particular links.

What's the Process?

This is the easy and simple process to calvualte your link or domain online. Let's check your personal URL.....

Step-1: Go to

Step-2: Input maximum 100 domain url in the text box.

Step-3: Press "Submit" button.


Benefits of link price calculator:

The link price calculator is so beneficial for both the buyer and seller of the link. It helps them to negotiate on the actual price of a link or bargain price. This tool can also help them avoid overcharging or under-pricing backlinks to achieve a better relationship with their partner websites.

You can use this link price checker regularly so that you can get an idea of the updated price of the links. Whether you are selling or purchasing backlinks, it is always wise to have an idea about how much you should charge or pay for these links.

It is quite hard or tricky to sell your website on the internet through links as everyone wants to beat the possible best deal. So, you can utilize a link price calculator as the first step to establish a market price. 

By using this tool you can not only negotiate the price but also monitor the outcome. You can also monitor your search engine optimization and plan a budget for a particular audience.

Another advantage of this tool is that you can evaluate the price for links as much as 100 domains at a time. If you want to know a specific price and position data then you can choose this tool for your help.

The link price calculator is a precious tool for website owners and promoters. This is the tool you will always need to realize the amount you are going to charge or pay for a particular link every month. Link price calculator also analyzes the web site's rank, authority, and age including backlinks among others.