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About Page Authority Checker

Are you searching for your page authority score? You don’t have to struggle anymore. The only solution for you is the free online page authority checker. As page authority is one of the most important elements for website ranking, achieving a higher page authority is very important for SEO.

Page authority is referred to as the estimated ranking capacity of a web page. If you acquire a good page authority, It will increase the capacity of a specific page to rank well in search engine results, such as- Google.

You can check your page authority using a good page authority checker. It will help you to have an idea of how strong your page is and how much effort you should put in SEO.
You will find various free online page authority checkers, also known as PA checker tools. A page authority checker is a magic tool that shows you your page authority score within a few seconds. It is an essential tool for webmasters as well as website owners.

What is Page Authority?

Page Authority (PA) is a score that indicates the rank of a specific page on search engine result pages (SERP). Page Authority scores have a range from 1 to 100, but achieving the score from 70 to 80 is much more difficult than from 20 to 30. If you have a higher score then you have a greater ability to rank.

Page Authority is calculated based on data from your web index and analyzes various factors. It uses an algorithm to identify the page authority score that helps you to identify the rankings across the thousands of SERPs.

Page Authority is a critical concern to the SEO experts. The common SEO methods like creating quality content and building links are done to enhance the page authority. But, indeed, page authority alone can’t give you the best page authority score; other important factors are also needed to achieve that but it is undoubtedly a strong element of better SEO performance.

Page Authority vs. Domain Authority

Page authority can be referred to as a kind of vote or score for the quality of your webpage and the entire website. The more score you gain, the higher search engines rank your site will achieve. So the main thing is that both the website and a particular page have their authority score. It is very important to gain a better page authority level for better SEO performance. So checking the page authority is also important if you want to know your webpage authority level.

Page authority and domain authority are different. page authority is the measurement of the ranking strength of a single page. But the domain authority is the measurement of the strength of entire domains or subdomains. However, these elements are calculated by using the same process. So, page authority and domain authority are similar in many ways but they are different in their performance.

How it Works?

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How to influence Page Authority

Similar to Domain Authority, Page Authority is an integrated score and quite hard to influence directly. It can be improved by improving some significant metrics and each of them plays a significant role in the page authority score. Since Google analyzes a lot of metrics into account while ranking a page, all those metrics should be ready to give a better page authority score as well.

But the best way to influence your page authority is to improve your webpage’s link profile. This can be done simply by getting external links from other high-authority pages, which will work later for the authority of your page.
Let’s know about some other ways that can help you to improve your page authority:

  1. Always try to create a page on a domain that has a higher authority.
  2. You have to be sure that the content of your page is detailed, plagiarism-free and highly relevant.
  3. Make sure your webpage is fully optimized and functional for SEO.
  4. Your page should include the Internal linking connected to or from your page.
  5. Always try to gain as many high-quality incoming links as you can to achieve link relevance and external source authority.
  6. And one more thing to keep in mind always is that don’t forget to delete and check for any bad links that can be present on your website.
  7. Last but not the least way is to check your page authority regularly by a high-quality page authority checker.

 Why we should use Page Authority Checker

There are a lot of page authority checker tools available on the internet. So you should choose wisely a better page authority checker for you. It is a demanded and efficient tool for the website owners and webmasters. This tool completely errors free, quick and reliable. Not just fast and convenient, this tool is also 100% free which makes it even more popular. Some page authority checker may give you a particular Page Authority as well as the Domain Authority.

You can also find out the number of Linking Roots Domains to each page. It will also let you know if there are any kind of issues with your Page Authority. That’s why it is a very popular handy tool. So use the free online page authority checker yourself and have a better analyzing experience!

Analyzing your page authority

If you want to know your page’s authority, find out the answers to the questions given below:

  1. Is your page ranking for any high-competition search queries?
  2. What is the number of backlinks you have to your page?
  3. Are you sure that those backlinks are of good quality that means authoritative and non-spammy?
  4. How many linking domains are unique on your page?

 How your page authority helps you

So after checking the page authority of your website or that of your competitor, you can analyze numerous data. Here are a few ways of how you can use that information:

  1. To determine the position of your website when compared with similar websites in the market
  2. To check whether or not your marketing efforts are quite enough
  3. To determine how competitors are doing up and so you know what you should do next to make your brand winner
  4. To do a more effective SEO
  5. To find good domain authority websites to go for quality backlinks

As a business owner, you want to be successful in your market. If there are so many low-competition search queries, it is quite easier for you to rank quickly, even within weeks. In another case, maybe you’re in a very strong competitive market, then it will surely take a lot more time and effort to get a higher rank.

You can utilize the link building tools to get experience in the competitive landscape, as you can check the page authority score of your competitors. Always keep in mind that the higher your page authority, the better rank in SEO.