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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Some of the website owners and businesses think that their website IP address does not matter for their website ranking. But their thought is wrong. The IP address or domain address plays a vital role when it comes to your website ranking on search engines like- Bing, Google, Yahoo. For this purpose, it is important to use the Reverse IP Domain Checker SEO tool and experience the benefits of it to gain a better position in the competitive web world.

What is a Reverse IP Check?

reverse IP domain check is a process that analyzes a domain name or IP address of a web server and searches for other sites that are also hosted on that same web server. 
A shared server can be configured to serve multiple virtual hosts from a single IP address. It becomes so hard to rank better in this case, because all the search engines check how spam an IP address is. On the other hand, a dedicated server doesn’t share an IP address with other domains. So, it is always a better choice to use a dedicated server if you want to gain a better SEO rank for your website.

About the reverse IP/domain checker tool

Reverse IP domain Checker is an amazing tool, developed to check how many websites are served on the same host server at a specific IP address. This tool will show you all the websites that are served from the same IP address.

Sometimes a shared IP address contains illegal or spammy content. It can harm your website search engine ranking. This tool will assist you to identify malicious or spammy websites and give you a warning about the website.

There are a lot of free reverse IP domain checkers available on the internet. By simply entering your competitor's domain name or IP address you can also collect all the information about their hosting service. Besides, you can also get all the information about your hosting service provider

When to utilize this tool

There are several reasons or scenarios for you when you want to use a reverse IP domain checker as follows:

  1. You may be getting complaints from your clients that are making your website quite slow.
  2. Your clients' mails may be tagged as spam.
  3. One of the search engines have detected malware and shows you a warning.
  4. You need to protect your email servers from spam and malware files.
  5. You might be in a bad neighborhood.
  6. If your traffic is reducing day by day and you may want to shift your hosting service to have a static IP address server for your website.

Importance of Checking Reverse IP address

The number of Websites is increasing on the internet very rapidly. More than thousands of new websites are being added every day on the internet. As the competition for ranking is becoming harder now, the effort of SEOs increases. The website managers face many difficulties that lead them to know their neighborhood. When you are using a shared hosting server, there can be good or bad neighbors sharing the same domain servers with your website.

As a business owner or a website owner, you have to compete against other websites selling the same products or services. Your competitors may be using the same hosting service as you are. But in most cases, they will be on other networks. So there are several facts to explain why reverse IP domain check is very important for you.

How ir Works?

Using this tool you may find reverse IP domain online. Just follow bellows steps to get it.

Step-1: Go to

Step-2: Input your website URL into the text box.

Step-3: Press "Submit" button.

Done! Checked. 

Significance of Reverse IP address Checker tool

You can have lots of benefits from this tool. The tool is always available for you to assist you in doing the following:

Discovering bad neighbors
In the case of the shared hosting providers, there are thousands of websites hosted on the same IP address. Some of them may have adult content, gambling-related, torrents, etc. This content may be illegal in certain areas. When this type of website is hosted on the same IP as you are, then your website will be also filtered by an ISP for delivering illegal content for that specific geographic location. So, by using this tool you can be aware of this type of site.

Detecting spam or malicious files
This tool is also useful to be aware of email spam. If one of the websites on the same server behind the same IP is found as spam, there is a high risk that your domain will be considered as that website. For this, the emails you send may not be delivered or be delivered to the spam folder.

For the betterment of SEO

Reverse IP address checker is one of the common things you want to do to check if your competitors or someone has been hosting his sites from the same server. Google can also find that and reject the links that are hosted from the same IP address.

Performing a Penetration test

Legal hackers and penetration testers may utilize the Reverse IP lookup for collecting information. Both the safe and the unsafe teams can utilize the tool to find an accessible target on the network like an outdated website or software that is hosting from the same IP address.
Network Security

A reverse IP lookup can identify hostnames connected with an attacking system no matter if it is a botnet or a simple scanning. This can help the investigation by adding more informational sources.

Managing Overcrowded web hosting

In the case of shared hosting providers, a single web server may host thousands of small web sites. Using the reverse IP address checker tool you can easily identify how many sites you are sharing with that host. Even if your site is hosted on a separate server but some of the other sites served behind the same IP. These sites can be harmful or spam. So the reverse IP address checker tool will help you to solve this problem.

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Some of the Best Reverse IP Domain Checker

There are numerous online tools to help you perform a reverse IP address check. Some of them are-

  1. Domain Neighborhood Checker (Majestic SEO)
  3. SitesOnMyIp
  4. TraceBullet
  5. MyIPNeighbors

So, as a webmaster or a business owner, Learning the importance of IP addresses and how a reverse-IP-domain-check can help you to manage your business online. You can make a wise decision getting help from this tool if your business has developed extensively and you need to switch from a dynamic to a static service. So that you can monitor the connection speed and also Keep an eye on your competitors!