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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting Tool assists you to generate URL rewrite rules for your Apache .htaccess file. When you enter a list of dynamic URLs and the tool converts them into SEO friendly static URLs.

When you search for URL rewriting tool on the internet, you will find several sites that provide this service. You should keep in mind that the access code will be different for an Apache server and a Linux server. So, you should know the server type on which your website is hosted.

You will find on the internet different SEO friendly URL generators, URL rewriting for dynamic pages PHP access rewrite generator and many similar tools. But you may have confusion about you should use those tools or not. Google crawler or robot has to face a bit more difficulty in crawling and indexing dynamic sites but does that ultimately.

But it is sure that as a site master or owner, you don’t want to be patient and let Google do its work. Better you will use a URL rewriting tool. But be aware that you must know how to use it. If you are not an SEO expert, then please don’t use it. Since you don’t know your website’s host server platform and the exact place to paste the HTaccess code, you could cause your site to crash.

What Is URL Rewriting?

URLs rewriting is popularly used by website owners, webmasters and SEO experts as static URLs are preferred than dynamic ones. Moreover, static URLs help in search engine optimization for ranking.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a website and make it ready for search engine optimization. Even every small detail such as the type of URLs is important for a website because it can have a significant effect on your website traffic and page rankings.

Are you still using long and dynamic URLs that are not web-surfers and SEO-friendly? If you are then it’s time to improve your URLs by converting them to static URLs.

You can modestly redirect one URL to another on a Linux Server with Apache Mod Rewrite Rule, without the visitor's and search engine's knowledge. To do that you have to modify your ".HTaccess" file.

Static and Dynamic Websites

There are two kinds of URLs on the internet. They are ‘Dynamic URL’ and ‘Static URL’. Dynamic URLs are developed by database-driven website, and also generated from specific queries to a site's database.

On the other hand, a static URL is a URL that doesn't have any variable strings or appended parameters and doesn't change also. Static URLs are efficient to rank better in search engine results pages, and they can be indexed faster than dynamic URLs.

There are a few numbers of static websites on the internet. If a website is delivering information without any whistles or bells; it’s perhaps a static website. Small-sized businesses and companies use static websites for their purposes. The company or business just try to show their existence on the internet.

Advantages of Static Websites

  1. The static website is very cheap to develop
  2. It is also very fast to design
  3. This type of site is affordable to host

Advantages of Dynamic Websites

  1. The Dynamic website offers more functionality
  2. It is very easy to update
  3. This type of site allows visitors and users to interact without problems
  4. It allows the exchange of information between the website owner and its users

Disadvantages of Dynamic Websites

  1. A Dynamic website is costly to Host
  2. It is also costly to Develop

URL Rewriting Tool

You can use the online URL rewrite tool to turn your long dynamic URL into a shorter one. It will process your request and generate a shorter and static URL. This URL rewriting tool can improve your website’s online visibility so that your audience over the world can see and visit your website more.

The online URL rewriting tool is built using the Apache’s mod_rewrite module to convert a dynamic URL into the search engine and user-friendly static URLs.

The URL rewriting tool is quite simple and easy to use and petty helpful to convert from dynamic to static. Of course, static addresses are much easier to remember and also to share. But if you have developed and designed your website to allow people to make purchases or register or fill out forms, then, it won't be suitable to rewrite your site. If you do it so, the number of your regular visitors or customers may decrease.

How Work This Tool?

Our URL rewrite tool can help you to rewrite your website URL into SEO friendly structure. Ugly url is very bad for SEO. So we always try to write our website URL into plain and god structure. Let's how to do it?

Step-1: Go to https://14.lu/url-rewriting-tool/

Step-2: Put your website url in the text type option.

Step-3: Press Submit button.

Why URL rewrite is helpful

There are enough reasons why you need to rewrite URLs.

  1. It is very helpful in search engine optimization because the search engines always prefer URLs that include short query strings.
  2. If you have a friendly static URL, you have a greater chance to have better page ranking in the search engines and can help to attract more traffic as your URLs look more user-friendly to many web visitors.
  3. It helps your web pages to load faster as compared to having dynamic URLs. Hence, it has a more manageable interface.
  4. Static URLs are so much easier to remember.
  5. Static URLs are quite easier to bookmark or index than dynamic URLs.

To rewrite the URLs, you will need the “.HTaccess” file and put the code generated into it. Once you have made the .htaccess file, you can put it into your website’s directory. This type of URL rewriting will only work if you are hosted on Apache Server.

If you have an easy and simple URLs or static URLs, almost every search engine can distinguish folder names and will easily make actual links to keywords. Most of the SEO experts mentioned that dynamic URLs are not friendly to search engine spiders, but static URLs are more attractive to these crawlers. So it is so helpful in getting a good page rank score.

URL Rewriting Tool will help you to convert your long dynamic URL into a shorter, static version. Static URLs are considered more effective than dynamic ones. They perform better than dynamic URLs when it is a matter of SEO. The content which is on dynamic pages is slowly indexed by the search engines than static pages. Using the URL Rewriting Tool, you can easily rewrite your dynamic URLs with perfection.