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About Website Screenshot Generator

One of the most commonly seen works done on the internet is taking a screenshot of a website. It is done maximum by bloggers or webmasters. The bloggers take this screenshot to show them to the users. And the webmasters do the same thing when it comes to designing, or modifying a website, or adding content on a website.

It is a little bit tricky to take a website screenshot on the entire URL perfectly. But there is an easy way to do this. You can use a website screenshot generator tool to have this job done. With this tool, you can easily have a capture of the full page screenshot as well as small thumbnails whenever we want. It is so fast, fully reliable and easy to use the tool.

More About Website Screenshot Generator

The Website Screenshot Generator is a tool that lets you generate a screenshot on any web page. It is a very useful and effective tool for you if you want to get a higher click-through rate as well as sticky traffic to your website. you generate a screenshot on any web page before the users click it. By doing so, your visitors can have a view of your website pages before they click it. It helps them to have an idea of what they are going to see before visiting the page.

This tool assists the website owners and marketers to increase their traffic by uploading the generated screenshots to another site. And they don’t have to think twice to utilize this tool that is so comfortable to use and comes in handy any time! You don’t have to think twice before using the tool.

Moreover, you don’t need to install any software on your PC, which is very time consuming sometimes. You can generate more and more screenshots of any website in a second by using the website screenshot generator. You don’t have to spend a little money as this online tool is free. 

Why should you use the website screen-shot generator?

If you are an expert computer user, you may know how to capture a screenshot of the display screen of your PC. Or you may know how to take a screenshot on a mobile phone or tablet. But capturing a screenshot of a website is a different matter.

As a website owner, you may get complaints from your users that they are facing some problems with your website. They can even think that it has been a malware attack or your website has been hacked. Some functions of your website are not working properly.

In such cases, your first step can be trying and understanding the problem by questioning your site users. But in most of the cases, the users become unable to answer properly what problems they are facing.

In this troublesome situation, nothing can be easier or better to ask a screenshot of your site and mail it to you. In this case, if the user doesn’t know how to capture a screenshot of a webpage, then you may suggest them to use the website screenshot generator to do the work for them. And for sure, it is the easiest solution in that situation to convey to your customers and quickly find out what the problem is that they are facing on your website.

Another situation where you can utilize the necessity of this great tool can be that you need to make some changes to your website and you need a screenshot to analyze the changes or maintain a history of them. You can also share these screenshots with the site developers and share ideas on it.

You can find countless situations where this website screenshot generator becomes so convenient. 

How it Works?

How works this tool, you can see in this step. Let's see now.

Step-1: Go to

Step-2:  Input your website URL into text box.

Step-3: Press "Submit" button. 


Facilities provided by website screenshot tools

Website Snapshots - This too is great to take a screenshot of any webpage.
Site previews - If you want to show a view of your website to anyone while developing a web page, you can use this tool to take screenshots to show your customers a preview of their work.
SEO - For people who work on SEO for their customers, they can use this tool to prove to their clients that they are getting the linkbacks and rankings well enough.
Security Appliances - You can also use this tool to make sure your customers that all the content is safe by sending them some images.
Full Page Screen Capture - By this tool, you can take full page screenshots in a fully automated way. Save your valuable time and money!

5 Best Website Screenshot Tools

Here are fully tested and approved five best website screenshot tools on the market, just have a look:

URL2PNG is a simple and powerful screenshotting tool into one complete package. This tool can capture screenshots of any website directly from your device or app. So, choose URL2PNG if you need to capture screenshots quickly with URL support and an API.

2. Browshot
Browshot is an impressive tool and offers you better pricing depending on how many screenshots you are going to take. This tool is one of the cleanest tools you can find for capturing screenshots. Choose Browshot when you want to take bulk screenshots with URLs or through the API. It’s also popular for its free pricing plan.

3. Fireshot
The Fireshot screen capture solution provides various browser extensions, including Chrome and Firefox. It is much easier for the user to install within seconds and get started with full-page website screenshots by this tool. And, you don’t need to pay anything for its Lite extension version. 

You can choose if you need huge screenshot power with a fast CDN and affordable pricing.

5. 1Click Screenshot
1Click Screenshot is the most affordable tool on the market, as it offers you an open-source tool for taking individual website screenshots without any price. 

So, the website screenshot generator enables you to take a screenshot of any webpage. This screenshot capture tool is so easy, effective and straightforward to use. You just need to put the URL and the rest of the work will be done by itself, then you can save the image.

There is no doubt that this tool is a mandatory tool for bloggers. It is also very helpful for SEO. You can generate an unlimited screenshot by using this tool and show them to the users. This tool is nothing but a gift for you to have a new experience of website screenshot.

Don’t have a doubt using this great tool as it doesn't require any installation and it is so easy to implement. So, use the Website Screenshot Generator today!