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About Word Counter

To help the writers there’s different word counter tool available online. The online word counter tool is absolutely Free, Quick, Safe and with No Limits!

Word counter is an important and essential metric for writing, especially in publishing, advertising, academia, and legal proceedings. By using this tool, you can easily determine how many words there are in your text. You can also check if there are enough words or it has exceeded a certain limit!

What is Word Counter?

Word Counter Tool can be referred to as a word counting tool that helps you to count and calculate the quantity of words during a text. This free on-line tool can even calculate the full character or letter count, sentences, and paragraphs for the text. Do you know the most effective part? That is there’s no limit to count your words or characters of your text!

Moreover, Word Counter can show you the top 10 keywords and keyword density of the article you're writing. So, you can easily know which keywords you use how often and at what percentages. This tool can also prevent you from over-using specific words or word combinations and check for the best distribution of keywords in your writing.

Why would you need an online word counter?

Just imagine writing content and having to manually count the words! Not only it will take forever, but there’s a chance you won’t be truly accurate. This tool is so good to assess your words per minute typing rate. The most important benefits are:

This tool is so quick and fast to count your words in a large text. Simply copy & paste your text in the input box and it will display results in real-time.

Most of the online word counter tools respect their user's privacy. They do not store any text/document you upload there to calculate the number of words in their database. Also, they do not share any of your data publicly.

This tool does not only give letter count and char count but also shows you other results including Keyword Density, Estimated Reading Time, Estimated Speaking Time, and Total Paragraphs, etc.

When you are creating or managing social media content, you have to know the exact character limits for the platform you are working on. The different character limits for popular social media platforms are as follows:

  1. Twitter - Maximum 280 characters
  2. Facebook -  For posts No more than 63,206 characters and up to 8,000 characters for comments.
  3. Instagram - Up to 30 hashtags and 2,200 characters for a caption
  4. LinkedIn - Headline text can hold a maximum of 120 characters, the summary section can have 2,000 characters, position title normally has a limit of 100 characters, and the description box can have up to 1,000 characters.

For whom this word counter tool is?

This tool can be beneficial for anyone. But people of the following sections are highly benefited by this tool:

Bloggers/Content Writers
You may be writing an article for someone else where the word count is important, but even if it’s for your own website, this tool is really fantastic for your SEO.

As a student, you have to write assignments often with specific word counts. You can calculate the words after finishing the assignments. Why waste your time and effort! Even as a lecturer, you can easily use this tool to ensure your students’ assignments are the correct length.

Other Uses
In many workplaces, you will be expected to write a text of certain lengths at times, for example, lawyers, secretaries, etc. So, this tool is so beneficial for them as well!

How Works Word Counter?

Our word counter tools can calculate yuor desired number word, charachter 100% free. Just a easy and simple steps to calculate number of words of your file or article. 

Ste-1: https://14.lu/word-counter

Ste-2: Press "Count Words" button

After pressing this button you will get the out result belloew on that button. Look like above images, all word and charachters are calculated in a second.

Importance of Word counter for SEO

If you are writing for SEO, word count really plays an important role. Most of the high ranking contents that appear on page 1 on SERP are large articles. You can notice that a lot of long-form articles have evergreen content that means the best type of content for SEO.

When you have to write longer content, you will get the opportunity to insert more data and information into your article and make it more valuable.

As a result, your content will get more value which increases the potential for the article. So, the more social shares and backlinks you receive, the better your website or page rankings will be yours!

By using the Word Count Tool, you'll make sure that your article has the minimum quantity of word count for SEO best practices. Having a perfect range of word count won't guarantee solely smart search rankings however it will surely help you within the long-standing time.
The Word Count Tool is incredibly easy to use and can give you correct and fast results. It also works as a character count tool.

You can use this tool to perform word count for Google Docs, PDF files, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe InDesign, and many more. All you have to do is copy the text from any file types or websites and paste it into the Word Counter Tool input box.

What else we can get using free word counter

By using the word count tool, you can not only count the words of your text but also get more information about your writing. This tool can display the following values:

  1. Total Words: It counts words in the text and displays it on the input box.
  2. Total Characters: It can run a real-time scan and count total chars with and without spaces.
  3. Keyword Density: If you are an SEO expert, you should know that Google hates keyword stuffing. So, this tool can help you to get the result of keyword density.
  4. Estimated Reading Time: It is an estimated value of time in which your text can be read. This free online word counter also shows you the estimated reading time of your text.
  5. Estimated Speaking Time: Speaking is a little tough and slower process than reading. This word counter also shows you the estimated speaking time of your text.
  6. Total Sentences: You can also know the total number of sentences/paragraphs in your text by this counter.
  7. Longest Sentence: You may know long sentences decrease the readability rate. This counter also can display the longest sentence in your text or file.
  8. Plagiarism Checker: You can check the plagiarism of your text by this word counter tool as well.
  9. Grammar checker: In writing, grammar is one of the most important things. This feature is also available here. You can easily find out all grammatical mistakes by this counter tool. 

Are you writing a blog, essay, or novel? Wise choice of words makes the writing come alive. As a reader, what do you find more enjoyable? Surely, your answer will be an article with quality content and interesting information. Writers know that, in this era of the internet, there is a saturation of content. So, to make your articles unique and popular, you can use the free word counter online!