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About www Redirect Checker

The URL redirect is a pretty simple process, it’s a server-based process to send the user from one web location to another. The redirects are carried out for various reasons by websites because of the change of their address. One of the most significant reasons is to adjust your site with the latest search engine optimization process.

If you are an SEO expert, then you should also know that not all redirects are good for your websites. They can be risky and can cause harm to your websites. So it is mandatory to know about the redirect associated with your sites. To help you in this case, there are several online redirect checker tools available online for you.

What is a redirect checker?

The redirect checker is a tool that can check the redirect path of every link. It provides you with information about the domains where the redirect codes are leading. The redirect checker can also track the redirect status of every URL redirected online. So, you can follow how many URLs of your websites are leading to different URLs. This online tool is free!

Why websites redirect to other sites?

Some of the common reasons behind redirecting a website to another are given below:

  1. For modifying URLs for better SEO
  2. To modify the content and so to change the URL to adjust the keywords
  3. For changing the host platform which needs extension change.
  4. To Redirect non-www and www versions of a website
  5. For Redirecting subdirectory or subdomain to another domain

Types of HTTP Redirects

Many types of redirects can be implemented on a website. Let’s have a look at some common types of HTTP redirects:

300 Multiple Choices:
This code indicates that there are several possible options a user can avail of. A common example for it can be to switch from one language to another, which is commonly known as localization.

301 Redirect:
The 301 status code transfers all the clicks from the old URL to the new one.

302 Found Status:
Like 301, 302 is also for transferring the clicks to another URL, but it is used only for a specific time and can’t be transferred permanently.

307 Moved Temporarily:
This HTTP status code is implemented for transferring of clicks temporarily. It can be used during the maintenance of the server or at the time of moving material to a new URL.

Meta Refresh:
Meta refresh is a technique used by websites to auto-refresh the page after a specific period. Meta Refresh redirect is implemented on every page rather than the whole site.
So, there are various types of redirects, it is essential to check redirects every time.
How Redirect Checker can help you

When you don’t know anything about the destination of a link or its redirect path, then you can use the online www redirect checker to track the location of the link. With the help of this free Redirection Checker tool, you can also trace the redirect path of every 301 and 302 redirect code. You can use the redirect checker to monitor which domain is getting more traffic or cookies when somebody clicks on a specific URL.

You can also protect your devices from viruses using the redirect checkers. When you find that the destination domain may be malware that might cause harm to your device then you can stop to redirect to that URL.

If you have multiple uses of similar content on your website, it will be hard for Google to determine the correct page. You then should check 301 redirects on duplicate content to direct your visitors to the original pages. This will help you to improve your experience and increase the search engine rankings.

You can also get the benefits from a redirect checker to change a domain name. For that case, be sure to set up a permanent redirect on your website.

Significance of the www Redirect Checker Tool

People sometimes prefer to purchase several domain names to present an online brand. A free redirect checker enables you to redirect your current domain to another domain. It helps you to gain extra traffic from misspellings and disables your competitors from purchasing similar domains. You may redirect traffic to your site easily. Amazon, one of the famous websites in the world, utilizes the power of redirection.

A redirect checker is an efficient tool to redirect your website. By wise use of redirects, you can achieve a great SEO strategy. It always helps you to provide a good user experience and also maintain the authority of your brand. By using a redirect checker, the search engines get rid of confusion and are sure about the consistent usability and accessibility of your site.

A complete check of the World Wide Web (WWW) Redirect is always advised for the acquisition and attainment of backlinks. As a web page, whose redirect works perfectly, provides you more useful links.

Apart from the above significance, a www redirect checker can produce the reports for free. So, it helps you in saving your time, effort, and money as well.

How it Works?

To www redirect check, You may use this tools 100% free. Let's see how to check www redirect of any website. 

Step-1: Go to https://14.lu/www-redirect-checker/

Step-2: Put your wesite URL in the text type option.

Step-3: Press "Submit" button.

How to redirecting URL to new

Redirecting a URL to a new URL is an effective practice, but you have to use it wisely to manage your SEO value. If you don’t want to decrease the traffic of your website, you should check your URL redirect. But you should keep in mind that moving a page from an old URL to a new URL is not an easy task. Search engines always take more time to discover a redirection, recognize it and give a new page its precious trust and rankings. Besides, transferring content may be a complex process because of spammers. Search engines will require more time to crawl and verify your content properly.

In this case, a redirect checker will help you to get flaws in the redirection procedure by notifying the search engines about the changes and the modification you placed for your website. You should also remember that the 301 redirect is the most significant process for SEO. Page Ranking is the factor to verify how strong your webpage’s SEO is, so you must know its relation with 301.

301 affected the page rank negatively before 2016, but it has reversed completely at present. It was then verified that a website may be suffered about a 15% loss in page ranking if it uses 301 redirects. Google explained this procedure but didn’t mention the actual amount of loss that can occur in page ranking because of redirects.

However, in June 2016, it was officially announced that no website will face downfall in page rank because of this redirection. Instead of the downfall, it can increase the amount of traffic of a webpage. But to make wise of redirects, it is essential to know about the redirects placed on a website. You can use the free www redirect checker for this purpose!