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About XML Sitemap Generator

Exchanging Data to run a business, communicate and entertain has become so easy with the progress of technology.  The web development process has brought this change so fast.XML is used over the world in the new era of modern web development. It simplifies data sharing as well as data storage.

Similarly, the XML Sitemap Generator online tool has been developed to run this community. Anyone can easily create a sitemap of his domain with this online tool for free. It can look over to 500 pages of your domain.

XML sitemap generator tool can easily create a website’s sitemap in negligible seconds. Who is your service provider or who hosts your domain, don’t matter here. The XML sitemap generator is rapidly used by Google and other search engines.

What is XML sitemap generator?

Go with us and introduce with a useful topic. XML Sitemap Generator is an easy and powerful tool for generating XML instance documents automatically. You can customize the newly generated XML file as per your requirements.This tool always results valid and well-formed XML so you don’t need to think twice for using it.

When you are placing a well-formatted xml sitemap file on your web server, the Search Engine crawlers (like Google) can to find out the present web page as well as the changes, have been recently made.

What do you mean by XML sitemap?

A site map is usually a model or structure of a website's content. It is designed to help both users and search engines to crawl the site. A site map can be referred to as a hierarchical list of pages or links organized by topic, an organization chart, or an XML document. It provides instructions to search engine crawl bots.

In short, a sitemap is a method of organizing a webpage, specifying the URLs and the data under its every section. I think, now you are matured about xml sitemap.

What are the features or advantages of XML?

Here are the main features or advantages of XML:
1) Separating data from HTML
When you need to display dynamic data in your HTML document, you have to do a lot of work each time the data changes to edit the HTML. Your data can be stored in separate XML files with XML. Then you can focus on your HTML/CSS document for display or layout. So, you will be sure that modifying the underlying data will not need any changes to the HTML.You can easily read an external XML file and update any data content of your web page with a simple JavaScript code.

2) Simplifying data sharing
Data is in very incompatible formats in modern computer systems and databases. But XML data is stored in a simple text format. It also enables software- and hardware independent of storing data.So, it is much easier to create data and be shared by various applications.

3) Simplifying data transport
It is a common time-consuming challenge for the developers to exchange data between different incompatible systems through the Internet. XML greatly reduces this complexity. The use of XML is the based option for increasing efficiency level.

4) Simplifying Platform change
It’s always very time consuming to upgrade to new systems such as- hardware or software platforms. When you are under this kind of process, huge amounts of data should be converted. There is a high risk of losing incompatible data. But XML data is stored in text format. So, it makes expanding or upgrading to new operating systems or new browsers as well as new applications so easy. And there is no risk of losing data.

5) Increasing data availability
your data can be accessed by various types of applications, not only in HTML pages but also from XML data sources. XML makes ur data available to all types of "reading machines" (Handheld computers, voice machines, news feeds, etc.). It also makes your data more available for blind people as well as people with other disabilities.

6) Creating new internet languages
Various number of Internet languages are created with XML such as-

  1. XHTML
  2. WSDL to describe the availability of web services
  3. WAP and WML are the languages for handheld devices
  4. RSS  is the languages for news feeds
  5. RDF and OWL are used to describe resources and ontology
  6. SMIL describes multimedia for the web

Have you any question about the advantages of it? I hope not! Because I explained very clearly about this section.

How it Works?

Here is three steps to generate XML sitemap using our website. Follow bellows steps to complete this process.

1. Go to https://14.lu/

2. Fill up details of your website.

3. Press "Generate Sitemap" button.

4. Press "Save as XML file" button.

Is the XML sitemap necessary?

A domain needs a sitemap for various reasons like:
Some web pages may not internally be linked with the other pages of the website. A sitemap helps in discovering those pages. You also need to get your site indexed and sitemaps can easily fasten the indexation procedure. So it’s very useful thing.

What are the benefits of XML Generator?

Here, this section is for presenting benefits or necessities of xml generator. You have to provide all information that is related to your site's pages along with their URLs.So the search engine crawlers will conduct a deep crawl on your website. After all, a sitemap allows the crawler to crawl all the important pages of your site.

There are several reasons why users create sitemaps of their website using XML generator and they are as follows:
Detailed Sitemaps: A good reason why people use XML sitemap generator is the creation of detailed sitemaps covering every aspect of a URL.
Time Saver: All the XML sitemap generators are based on advanced algorithms. They can create sitemaps in a few seconds.
Efforts Saver: Now, you don’t have to create sitemaps manually. This modern tool can design sitemaps automatically with its advanced algorithm.
Money Saver: Maximum XML generator Online is 100% free. And there is no need to ask an expert to create an XML file for your domain.


Why not! Come with me and know all importance. Your website will exist when the user can find its content faster and easier. Every web developer's dream is to achieve the highest ranking in SERPs. In this case, the sitemap generator helps a lot. It offers you a way of achieving a higher ranking by creating, submitting as well as updating a sitemap.

The little secret to gaining the best from an XML sitemap generator online lies in identifying your specific requirements. There are many tools in the market, but all of them are not effective. So You have to scrutinize those tools and choose one to get real value for your money. Then you can create and update sitemaps effortlessly and worthwhile. You have gathered enough knowledge through this section.

So now you don’t require knowledge about codes to create a website's sitemaps. You have to provide the XML sitemap generator with the domain and the total number of pages you want to create.Then online XML Sitemap Generator creates the code for you.As most of the XML Sitemap Generator Online is the free-to-use tool, you can create countless sitemaps with these tools. So we can say that, you can use various Sitemap Generators available in the market to make your web world easier and faster. Got all about your expected topic? The answer is yes, I am sure about that!